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Expert advice

Alongside great hairdressing, hair replacement (wigs and hair pieces), is our new area of expertise, with 4 of our team able to consult on wigs.

Whether hair loss is through medical conditions, stress, age related thinning or if you just desire a completely new look without any effort at home, we have the know how to help you choose your new look. Through our experience we have gained a real understanding of how devastating hair loss can be and also the nervousness of wearing a wig. Our aim is to help restore your confidence in facing this situation. This is all carried out in a friendly, relaxed, professional way. We offer private consultations in a sensitive manner and this is all free and without obligation.

High-quality wigs

We offer wigs that are either high-quality synthetic or human hair in a range of styles, from high fashion to classic styles.

They come in a wide range of colours and we can guide you through the choice process.

Some people want to stay with a style really close to their natural look, but this can also be the perfect time to try a completely different look. 


Wig maintenance

We give you the tools, such as wig heads, brushes and haircare products and will show you how to care for your wig at home.

Where appropriate, we can also guide you through your new hair growth journey, with advice on styling as your hair grows back in.
For any further information, please call the salon or drop in to make an appointment.

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