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Permanent Blow Dry

Say goodbye to entangled, dry, frizzy hair and hello to smooth and sleek hair!

At Profile Hair Design, we use Keratin Revolution - a product that uses luxury ingredients!

Drop by our salon in Eastbourne to consult with one of our senior hair stylists.

We carefully listen to the needs and demands of our customers.

Keratin Revolution

Profile Hair Design offers keratin smoothing treatment tailored to your desired results and hair type. Our hairstylist will first wash your hair, apply the keratin solution and seal it into your strands using a flat-iron. This process takes about two to three hours depending on your hair length, thickness and texture. This keratin straightening treatment smooths and repairs your damaged hair. This process of depositing and locking minute particles of keratin into the hair leaves the hair feeling silky and shiny. The treatment can be used on all hair types, whether you have curly, frizzy or wavy hair.

Our treatment also includes your take home shampoo and conditioner in the price to ensure your treatment lasts as long as possible.

(Please note other shampoos and conditioners may reduce the length of time your treatment lasts)


At Profile Hair Design we are Keratin Revolution Specialists. This treatment creates smooth, frizz free hair, which

Is easy to manage and versatile, giving you the freedom to create the styles you wish!


Contact us today for more information!

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